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When I’m Sixty-Four Lyrics

In the intro, however, another two measures are included as if to keep us in anticipation for when the singer happened to be ready to begin.

The bass clarinet includes a small anticipatory frill at the end of the fifth measure to add a touch of vaudevillian flair. All three clarinets hold out a harmonized chord as a backdrop to the first vocal line, one of them playing a simple progression to fill in the gap as Paul takes a breath in the fourth measure. The fifth measure brings in the piano for the first time playing a simple choppy chord pattern on the quarter notes while the clarinets perform another simple harmony chord in the background.

Rádios que tocam The Beatles

The second half of the verse brings in the same arrangement of instruments as did the beginning four measures but with some additional chord changes in the eleventh and twelfth measures. The piano never returns in the verse but, instead, the clarinets play choppy quarter note harmonies through the quickly changing chord pattern of the final four measures.

The sixteenth measure has Ringo showing off on the brushes once again and ending with a tap on his open hi-hats while the bass clarinet plays a fast moving figure to round out the verse. The bridge is a nice contrast to the verses by being in a minor key, Ringo limited to only beating the bass drum, and the piano overdub being heard throughout its entire length. Another feature of the first four measures of the bridge is the harmonized clarinet melody line which works nicely with the vocal harmonies. The fifth measure brings in the lead vocals which appear as an afterthought in this bridge, being that the vocal lines are very scant and are rather meaningless to the storyline of the song.

The drums even back out of the picture in the seventh and eighth measure to give the harmonies more prominence. The harmonies then vanish for the second half of the bridge while one of the clarinets play a dated sour high note in their harmonized line at the beginning of the ninth measure to fill the gap before Paul begins singing again in the tenth measure.

The twelfth measure introduces Ringo on orchestral bells with an ascending three note run and then on the downbeat of each remaining measure of the bridge. For one thing, Paul sings a vocal line that is much more involved rhythmically and thought out lyrically. The second element is John on electric guitar which is first detected in the fifth measure and is heard through till the end of the verse.

Then we hear a four-measure conclusion which is actually a repeat of the first four measures of the intro, the only difference being Ringo playing on the cymbals instead of brushes on his snare and a final two chords on the piano. His vocal work, while appearing effortless, is performed single-tracked and done suitably for the occasion.

Ringo should be next up for mention because of his excellent adaptation to the post-WW1 style of drumming and putting in a more-than-adequate performance on bells. And three cheers also to John for insisting on putting his two cents in on guitar even when it could have been done without. Basically Paul, being a teenager at the time, is lampooning the lifestyle of people in the autumn of their life, giving a "surfacy" estimation of the uncertainty of old age.

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Capitol then re-released this picture disc on December 15th, on Gram vinyl using the new Giles Martin stereo mix. The album got its first compact disc release on September 21st, It was then re-released in a remastered state on September 9th, The vibrancy of the track is much better as well. A new vibrant mix of "When I'm Sixty-Four" is included in all editions of this re-release.

Songtext von The Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four Lyrics

Live Performances. While not really considering it to be suitable for his new group The Beatles, Paul did take advantage of the misfortunes of having their amps go out, or the electricity going down, to run through the song on piano while at The Cavern Club or even during their many residencies in Hamburg. Paul was proud to revive these memories and complete the song for recording purposes in late , but their touring days were over at that point and it was never brought to another Beatles stage.

Television audiences, however, were treated to a quick rendition of the song as Paul returned to his childhood home on 20 Forthlin Rd.

The Long Middle

After entering the home, Paul played a quick rendition of "When I'm Sixty-Four" on the piano and then reminisced about his childhood. This episode aired on June 21st, , an hour-long special with additional footage then broadcast on August 20th of that year. As with all sequels, no matter the medium, the original most often has the biggest impact and is the most popular. Song Summary. Instrumentation most likely :. Social Security retirement benefits provide inflation-protected income which provides stable purchasing power for the life of the recipient, even if inflation is eating away at the value of a dollar.

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So He's 64. Now What? A Future Unimagined

Finally, you can purchase an income annuity. You can use some of your assets to buy what is, in effect, a personal pension. Some income annuities adjust their annual payments to offset inflation like a pension with a cost of living adjustment or COLA. They are more expensive than nominal annuities — you must pay extra for the inflation protection — but the extra expenditure will pay off if inflation accelerates.

Your financial assets are your savings.

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    Julian Lennon, John's son, sang it in an Allstate Insurance commercial in When Paul Simon turned 64 last year, Mr.

    So He's 64. Now What? A Future Unimagined

    McCartney called and serenaded him with it. According to most accounts, Mr. McCartney wrote the lyrics for his father his mother had died of breast cancer when he was 13 and the song was recorded not long after the elder McCartney turned McCartney's first wife, Linda, died in at 56, of breast cancer; they had been married 29 years. Spizer said. Gail Sheehy, the author, who, at 68, is still guiding readers through life's passages, said today's year-olds have a "degree view of life.

    Thanks to seasoning and Viagra , males are not necessarily half the men they used to be. View all New York Times newsletters. McCartney, who recently appeared on the cover of AARP magazine, does not appear to be losing his hair yet, despite the song's augury.

    He has three grandchildren not the song's "Vera, Chuck and Dave". He is also the father of a 2-year-old daughter.

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    And while he may not be living his own lyrical vision, Mr. This year, the first baby boomers turned About 2. Ringo Starr, the only other surviving Beatle, will be 66 next month; John Lennon was murdered at 40 in ; George Harrison died of cancer at 58 in Today, on average, year-olds can expect to live more than 16 years, about 4 years longer than year-olds could expect in , according to government statisticians and, hey, an editor of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Jude Rutledge, was named for another of Mr.

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