The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky

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If conditions are clear, we will explore a real-time tour of the sky, using binoculars. Find out how to identify some of the seasonal constellations, and other features of the night sky. You will learn a great deal during our time together, including how to use astronomy binoculars, how to identify the features of the night sky, and how to plan an observing session.

Legends of the Night Sky: Orion Laser Preview

There will be fact sheets to take away, to help you make further observations on your own, or with family and friends. Children ages five plus are welcome, but must be accompanied by at least one paying adult. Once you reserve your place s for the event, expect an email around two days before, with meeting place and any other important details.

Please wrap up. Even on a relatively pleasant night, temperatures soon drop after the Sun has gone down, and you may be standing still outdoors for a while.

Myths & Legends of the Night Sky – Sold Out

Its construction date is known. From the top area which is steps up visitors can see views of the whole of Kannonji Temple along with the Setouchi coast, which has given the shrine the alternate moniker of "The heavenly Torii gate". Night views are equally as stunning, drawing numerous photographers to the area regardless of the time of day. It was originally opened as an establishment to display products of the prefecture. The bombing on August 6th led to the tragic destruction of Taishakukyo Gorge This is a canyon of 18 km in length in the eastern part of Hiroshima prefecture.

Torrent. The Legend Of Oomi And The Night Sky

It is famous for its natural bridge, Onbashi, formed by the erosion of limestone over the years by river water. In addition, in Lake Shinryu, there are numerous stunning views such as the greenery in spring, the autumn leaves, and the numerous water birds that inhabit the area. In AD, the great teacher and poet Kukai opened this mountain as a place of reverence and worship. There were also several stones known as Iwakura which were objects of Shinto worship, and has therefore been known as a long standing place of reverence and worship, consistently drawing in visitors.

It was famous for being worshipped by the Taira clan, and under the instruction of Taira Kiyomori, a military leader, large Torii gates were built which appear to float in the water. It is known as the "Aki no Miyajima" and is known as one of Japan's three greatest viewpoints. Along with Kasuga Taisha and Kehi Jingu shrines, the Torii gates are officially classified as one of the three greatest in Japan. Marugame Castle This is a castle which was built in by Ikoma Chikamasa. It is one of Japan's 12 remaining castle towers, and is famous for being built on Japan's tallest castle stone hill of 66 meters, giving it the name of the "stone castle".

Ahu a 'Umi Heiau: A Native Hawaiian Astronomical and Directional Register

Visitors can also see a wooden model of the castle which was originally created as a proposal submitted to the Edo Bakufu Shogunate. Konpira Shrine This is the main shrine of the Konpira Shrine group, but its construction date is not known.

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It hosts the Gods known as Oomononushi no Mikoto and Emperor Sutoku, and is particularly revered by fishermen and mariners, due to the temple Gods acting as protectors for those at sea. The shrine has enjoyed popularity due to its unique souvenir of a gold emblem being imprinted onto a circular trinket. The path up to the temple is long, with stone steps. Konpira Onsen An Onsen built in , situated in the western part of Kagawa prefecture, this is often a stop off spot for those visiting the shrine of Konpira Shrine.

The local area is known for its special production of udon, with many restaurants serving unique types of udon noodle, as well as a Japanese sake museum built from a sake storage facility. Mount Washu A m high mountain situated in Kurashiki City.

Facing the Seto Inland Sea, it has an observation platform with views of the entire Great Seto bridge as well as numerous islands. It was named due to its resemblance to an eagle spreading its wings There is an ancient tomb between the middle of mountain and the summit which is a particular highlight. The park contains natural habitats for animals, a flower garden and an auto camping area. The area is particularly popular as a seasonal park as there are various varieties of flowers for all seasons, and for which there are seasonal festival events held regularly throughout the year. Aoshima Island This is an island on the Setouchi coast, in Ehime prefecture.

It is also known as the cat island due to the approximately wild cats that live on the island, which has made the area popular in recent years, and of course, particularly so for cat lovers! However, it is important to be aware that there are no lodging or food facilities at all - even vending machines! It is situated at the top of the meter tall Mount Gagyu, and among Japan's remaining castle towers, is located at the highest location in Japan.

During the battle of Bicchu in , the large castle walls were built, and became a great fortress stronghold. During the months of October to April, it is possible to see the clouds below, giving it the alternate nickname of "The heavenly castle".

The Little Dipper: Host of the North Star

Goshikidai Plateau This is a mountain that protrudes out into the Setouchi coast, located in Kagawa prefecture. The name originates from a Chinese legend, and there are five mountains named with the colors of red, yellow, blue, black and white, hence the name "Go-iro" which means "5 colors". The Shiromine Temple and Negoro Temple, which were recognized by the Japanese poet and author Kukai as one of the "88 holy places of Shikoku" is also nearby.

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The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky
The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky The Legend of OOMI and the Night Sky

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