Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)

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Sending lots of love and continued healing your way. Gabby i saw a yellow butterfly as a sign from universe.

It was amazing!!! You re special,girl!

Make it happen

Hi Gabi, I want to tell you first that you are amazing. A friend of mine gave me your book and cards as a gift for my birthday in December when I was going through some difficult times and she said just follow the steps. I have read it and found it very inspiring but the truth is, as you say inn the steps, life goes on and we forget about the practice. My life was great, until again I found myself through a different problem but as big and I heard that voice asking me to surrender more.

I am trying but it is so hard. I improved my controlfreakness, I think I am almost letting go and trusting the universe to get me what I need rather than what I think I need. But it is a struggle. I feel spiritual but so quickly I have that rational side of me that wants to throw the baby with the water and forget that yes the universe is there for us, that we can control lots of things in our life and we owe a lot of our happiness and success to ourselves but that we also need to float and let it happen.

How can you have faith? Hi Soussa. Be patient and gentle with yourself. This was a true miracle.

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Every chapter in your book resonated so deeply with me. At that time I was already on my journey to conceive. My need to control was extreme and my fear was getting stronger every month. I have to admit that fear has always been dominant in my life. I started to read all your books and tried to follow all the spiritual steps you recommended. I am so thankful that you opened the world of spirituality to me — it helped me in so many ways.

Thank you Gabby! I know, I have to be patient and to surrender even more but since a couple of month I feel totally out of alignment. I am trying to conceive since 2,5 years,turned 40 last month and I am losing hope and faith that I will ever hold my baby in my arms. In my meditations I try to receive guidance but I am not getting any guidance. It feels like I am totally blocked. Although I have done a lot of testing and everything seems to be alright concerning to my doctors , I have the feeling I have to do more.

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I am not sure if my Ego is taking over again to control everything?! Do you any tip for me how I can get back into my connection with the universe? Thank you for this brave, heartfelt message Katharina. Your story resonates deeply with me.

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The 5 steps that I share in this blog are the exact tools that I used to truly surrender to a power greater than me. Trust that the Universe has a beautiful plan in store for you. Practice these steps daily, and be open to all the amazing shifts that can transpire. First of all congrats on your pregnancy! I just wanted to say that the universe is truly at work all the time. I been going through the same journey as you, my husband and I have been trying for 2 years and we have gone through all the testing and everything is fine. I never though it would take this long for us to have a baby, which is why these past 2 years have been a crazy rollcoaster for us.

This past summer I really decided I need to just let go and have been practising surrendering, although I have to admit when I hear people around me getting preg it still gets to me. Anyways, the craziest thing is that the other day I asked the universe for a sign in meditation and the next day I saw a rainbow, as i googled the meaning of seeing a rainbow I was lead to this article. Everything in your article reasonated with me so much that I ordered your book immediately and I cannot wait to start reading it.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. I truly feel that reading about your story and having your book in my life is a sign from the universe! Thank you for sharing this beautiful comment. The more you ask, the more you will receive! Stay in that connection.

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Trust in the divine guidance and continue to practice surrender daily. The Universe has your back no matter what. I was watching your video this afternoon and tears welled up. I am wondering should I contact this friend first? Or should I just wait ….? Your advice please.

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Hi Gabby, Thank you for your reply. I have been facing difficulties in surrendering to the universe and go with the flow. I wanted to get back contact with a friend. My manifestations have all failed and I was exhausted with all the visualizations. How can I release this attachment and surrender? Continue to work through the steps of spiritual surrender. Hi Gaby, I am a little in awe of the synchronicity at play that led me to your site today, but I have learned to trust in this over the years!

This has happened for me before over the years, and is in fact how I discovered Wayne Dyer, a Course in Miracles, Eckart, Marianne Williamson, Brene, to name but a few. So now I feel inspired to contact you, given that you have been so instrumental in my journey. I am now developing a musical programme for children to empower the next generation, based on my own experiences and personal transformation, to pass on these teachings and sew karmic seeds and courage in the next generation through the vehicle of music.

I just wanted to connect and express my sincere gratitude for your book and congratulations on your new family x. Rachel this is fab!

The Surrender of Self

I love the divine timing. I am so so so very excited that you are becoming a mother. Your post is so very powerful and I got goosebumps reading it. Thank you for sharing your journey with such openess. This made me have more faith, hope and surrender and surrender some more and to just let it be. Thank you again.

I am sending you prayers that you receive blessings and miracles for the highest and most greatest good of you and your family. Love, Peace, Joy and Light! Hi Gabby! I came to one of your talks at Wander Lust in LA as I too was struggling with fertility and myself and that talk and your books and helped me beyond comprehension! After 4 years of trying and lots of science we he a gorgeous baby girl born last December! I just googled your name and the word pregnant to see what happened and I find this…… I remember reading the turkey story and being so happy. My trust in the universe continues to thrive.

So happy for your news and December babies are the best! It sounds like there is a healing opportunity here Laura. Check in with your inner guidance and move forward from a place of love rather than a place of fear. Remember that healing takes time, so be patient with yourself and the process. I am on maternity leave and head back to work at the end of the month. I am talking 12 hours a day. I now have 4 kids. I already did not want to be away from my 2 kids this long, but now I have twin newborns. I have been working on my maternity leave toward finding other options to be at home more.

I feel like I am down to the wire now, but yesterday a wasp was randomly in a closet in my home. Now it is in front of me between my window and the shade, buzzing around. Order, progress and productivity, involvement, construction, development, and communication all go together hand-in-hand to bring about the beautiful changes during this season of new life. WOW Colleen! The Universe presents us with amazing signs and experiences when we are open to them!

Love this, read and watched the video mostly. Every time I feel down or lost, Gabby you really help me listen to my inner voice and get back into some sort of alignment. I just ordered my deck of cards too — hoping that will help me stay on track!

Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)
Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7) Surrender To His Wants (Surrender Series Book 7)

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