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While the tragedy has inspired myriad movies, books, and articles, the ship and its passengers still hold secrets and little-known facts that might surprise you.

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Keep reading to remember the Titanic and those onboard, and learn more about those affected by the tragedy. Upon arriving in New York City unscathed, she immediately began filming "Saved From the Titanic," the first film to depict the events of the sinking. It was released in May , a month after the crash. While the film was successful, it only exists in memories now. The only known print of the film was destroyed in a fire.

He allegedly tried to jump into the scene depicting the ship's sinking, in order to symbolically go down with the ship. Legend has it that director Roy Ward Baker refused, as it would have been a union violation and could have halted filming. Even though, by all accounts, the third-class accommodations on the Titanic were much better than those on an average ship, they were still pretty rough.

The total amount of third-class passengers ranged from to 1, , and they all had to share two bathtubs. Roger Bricoux was the Titanic's cello player and just 21 years old when he perished during the ship's sinking. The French army even called him a deserter when he failed to show up to serve in World War I. The ship's lookouts, Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee, didn't have access to binoculars during the journey, and therefore couldn't see very far.

The ship's second officer was replaced at the last minute, and forgot to hand off the key to the locker that housed the ship's binoculars. According to the official inquiry findings, only 37 seconds elapsed between actually seeing the iceberg, calling downstairs, and deciding what course of action to take. Fleet was the lookout who called out the now-famous words, "Iceberg, right ahead. On the centennial anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, a prankster removed a memorial wreath from his gravestone, and replaced it with a pair of binoculars and a note apologizing for the lateness of the binoculars.

A plaque memorializing the eight men in Belfast was unveiled in Astor was not just the richest man on the Titanic, but widely believed to be the richest man in the world at the time of his death. Astor was on the ship returning home from a months-long honeymoon with his new wife, Madeleine Talmage Force, who, at 18 years of age, was 28 years younger than him.

Astor's body was one of the few that was recovered in the Atlantic Ocean after the ship went down. In the race to publish a headline about the disaster, numerous newspapers gave families and loved ones false hope about the sinking of the Titanic. American newspapers were able to take advantage of the time difference, and their headlines were more accurate.

Astor Maybe, Noted Names Missing. She survived the sinking of both the Titanic and the Britannic. Jessop was just 25 when she survived the sinking of the Titanic. She was instructed to get into a lifeboat while the ship was going down to show women that the boats were safe. Undeterred by this maritime tragedy, Jessop began working on the Britannica dubbed the Titanic 2 by the media , until it came across a mine that had been planted by a German U-boat in Dickinson and Helen Bishop were granted a divorce in , four years after the Titanic went down. Helen claimed that her husband was cruel and a drunk , but their relationship was also plagued by rumors that Dickinson had dressed up as a woman in order to escape the ship.

Bishop's not the only man to have been accused of disguising himself as a woman — J. Sloper were all dogged by the same rumors throughout their lives. The Titanic's lights only went out when she finally went under , due to the tireless efforts of the ship's engineers, who stayed behind to keep the electricity and pumps running while the ship sank. They also kept the radio running , which put out distress signals until minutes before the ship sank.

Not one of the 25 engineers survived. The Navratil brothers Edmond and Michel were just two and four years old, respectively, when the Titanic sank. They were with their father, Michel Sr. The two spoke no English, so they were taken in by a French-speaking survivor , Margaret Hays, until the authorities could locate their mother. Said mother found them a month after the disaster, thanks to their faces being plastered all over newspapers the world over.

In the movie, Benjamin Guggenheim refuses a life vest and states "We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. Watch the scene based on Guggenheim's final moments here. According to "Titanic Love Stories," there were at least 13 couples celebrating their honeymoons on the ship. It centered around the sinking of a fictional ship called the Titan. First, the ship names are just two letters off Titan vs Titanic. They were also said to be almost the same size, and both sank in April, due to an iceberg. Both ships had been described as unsinkable, and, sadly, both had just over the legally required amount of lifeboats, which were nowhere near enough.

A Night to Remember (book)

The author was accused of being a psychic, but he explained that the uncanny similarities were simply a product of his extensive knowledge, saying "I know what I'm writing about, that's all. Multiple bad judgment calls led to the Californian not helping the Titanic : the ship's radio was allegedly shut off for the night when the Titanic hit the iceberg, and when the captain was awakened by the flares the Titanic had been setting off, he assumed that they were just fireworks.

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    Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1) Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1)
    Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1) Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1)
    Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1) Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1)
    Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1) Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1)
    Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1) Saturday Night (A Night to Remember Book 1)

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