Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited

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The band put out a casting call for people whom the song has affected personally because of their own scars whether physical or under the surface. It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shape his work.

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Videographer Jack Foster was behind the lens for the shoot at the legendary Circus Disco in Hollywood. With an LED logo in the background, the band meshed theatrics with its expected rock energy on the big stage. Later, additional scenes were filmed in L.

Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited
Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited Relentless: A hellish, no holds barred story... Unedited

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