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There were some innovative knits in your last show…. I worked with a year-old master of crochet called Dr. I met him in a juice bar in Brighton, where I live. Together we developed a new textile, which is called DNA yarn. Hook normally does really fine stuff like baby and wedding shawls but he made big, sculptural shapes for me. I can be more effective working within the fashion world, rather than outside it. I want the NHS to prove that a sustainable product can be as high-end as a Fendi leather jacket. I see myself as a doctor of customisation: old rags come into the NHS knackered and broken, they get repaired and leave totally new.

Where do you get all your second-hand clothing? My fairy godmother has come in the guise of a recycling plant called LMB. They deal with thousands of tons of brand-name waste.

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It all comes in on a conveyor belt and they let me pick out whatever I want. The whole NOKI silhouette starts to come together right there and then. The consumer is a lot more clued up and big firms will have to catch on to it at some point. Everything comes to a conclusion and ultimately eats itself. The ship will sink. Noki Noki Unclaimed. All photos 2. Ratings and reviews 4. There aren't enough food, service, value or atmosphere ratings for Noki Noki, Democratic Republic of the Congo yet.

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View all details. Is this an African restaurant? Yes No Unsure. Is this a place where you pay before receiving your order? Is this a place where you buy ingredients to cook your own food? Is this restaurant good for breakfast? Is this restaurant good for lunch? Is this a Romanian restaurant? Does this restaurant serve Tuscan food?

Noki, Taito

Does this restaurant serve Catalan food? Is this primarily a coffee shop? Coin 5 is on the floor near the edge of the bottle, and by a big upward arrow.

Here you can see a tall column of Gold coins and Coin 6 is at the top of this column. One way to get it is to start from the bottom and let the jet of water push you up through the column Gold coins until you reach the Red one. This may take a few tries because it's easy to drift out of the stream.


Another way is to fly at the column just below the Red coin. Coin 7 is in a little alcove in the middle of a sand castle and Coin 8 is on a little block nearby. The Shine appears at bottom of the jar. There are exactly 50 Gold coins here so if you want a bit of an extra challenge try to get the 50 coin 1-Up here. At the start of the episode the young Noki gives you a diving helmet and points to his grandfather at the top of the cliff. You need to get to the top as in Episode 1 but it's easier this times since there's no goop now and they even give you a rope to reach the first ledge.

Talk to the old Noki again and he tells you that the source of the pollution is an eel with bad teeth at the bottom of the ocean. The waterfall creates a hole in the pollution so you can dive through into an underwater level to find the eel. Just jump off the ledge that looks like a diving board into the falls. If you miss, just swim into the hole where the waterfall meets the ocean. In fact you don't really have to dive at all since if you swim close to the underwater opening it will suck you in. Now that you're underwater, let yourself sink down; try to get a few coins here and there to keep your air meter topped up.

Bubbles of poisonous goop float upwards and you can also get air by popping them, though you lose air if you just touch them. At the bottom you meet the eel and a battle of sorts begins. This isn't so much a boss battle as boss dentistry, but the boss music plays and it's about as dangerous as a battle.


Eely-Mouth opens his mouth to reveal eight teeth covered in black gunk. The easiest way to clean them is to get above one and start using your Hover nozzle, maneuvering to keep the tooth in the flow. You can also use the spray nozzle but since you're giving up movement control it's not really practical. Each time you get one clean you hear a success chime and Eely breaths a sigh of relief.

But a partly cleaned tooth will gradually get more and more dirty if left alone, so it's better to concentrate on one tooth at a time when you can. Eely-mouth also sucks in water through his mouth creating a vortex. This can actually be a helpful balance against the upward movement from the Hover nozzle, but it's not a good idea to get caught in the middle of it. But don't worry too much about being swallowed since Eely-Mouth will just spit you out again.

Every so often Eely-Mouth retreats back into his hole and you can't do any more dental work until he comes back out. So use the down time to grab some coins from the plentiful supply that's scattered around on the sea floor and on small ledges on the surrounding walls. The biggest danger here is running out of air, keep an eye on your air supply and take a break to top it off when you get low. Remember you can also pop the purple bubbles to get air.

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It takes quite a few attempts to clean all the teeth but when you finally do, Eely-Mouth rewards you with a heart-shaped string of Gold coins and a Shine which lands at the bottom of the level. Climb the tightrope shortcut left over from the previous episode, and you'll find Il Piantissimo on the upper ledge.

You'll have probably met him already in Episode 5 of Gelato Beach, but if not then there's not much risk of you not knowing who he is. He'll challenge you to another race, this one very easy though. The goal is a flag at the left end of the shore. If you do the obvious thing and run across the ledges to the left, a big boxing glove pops out of the ground and knocks you off. Even assuming that happens it's still an easy race. Your advantage is that Il Piantissimo takes the "Swim" part of the name literally and tries to actually swim the whole way.

But since you can make much better time by hovering from platform to platform you should reach the flag in plenty of time even if you fall off the ledge at the start. Note that if you go back and race Il Piantissimo again, after winning the Shine, he'll be about 10 seconds quicker. But don't beat yourself up over it, as he doesn't give you another Shine for beating him twice.

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