How to be a Demonologist

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Diploma in Modern Demonology for Paranormal Investigators How to be a Demonologist

Also, if you might be dealing with a poltergeist rather than a demon, and especially if a teen or a child is involved, contact Peter Haviland. When you contact a demonologist, expect them to eliminate normal if odd issues, first.

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This may include consulting a medical doctor or other professional. He or she is simply ruling out the odd but normal things that can look remarkably like something demonic.

What is Demonology?

My best recommendations are listed, above. Dark, malicious, and demonic possessions are outside my expertise. I do not reply to email or comments related to those topics. Stop looking for answers, online. Get help now. Very good information. Give it a check, site is new the firm is old.

Anna, the links I provided are the only ones I have for those demonologists. Hi Anna are u still going through this. Azpls can u contact me am going through a similar situation. This is not a joke at all, never take it as one. This is your life you are fighting for, remember that. Anything bad around you is trying to hurt your true life!

The olny way we as in people can fight these things are thruogh God and God alone!

Never ever talk to it, or listen to it. Go to God! King James virson!

  • Diploma in Modern Demonology for Paranormal Investigators.
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I am writing you because I am at my wits end regarding a friend of mine who is suffering from demonic attacks which appear to be attached to him. We have had pananormal investigators who have identified several entities at his residence and they claimed to have rid him of their presence BUT their is an entity that made itself known to them that they could not address and it has identified itself as having a demonic origins.

This entity has attacked him repeatedly for years and it had caused him to have life threatening consequences that has no medical basis. The investigators,paranormal, are having a problem locating a demonic specialists in this area, so I am requesting your urgent assistance in locating someone who can address this matter.

How To Become A Real-Life Demonologist

I am praying that you can recommend someone as soon as possible because I fear that if this problem is allowed to continue my friend will succumb to this entity with tragic results. Please refer me to someone who can address this matter and I have no problem in financing this assistance, if necessary. I need help. I grew up normal like everyone else.

The Beginners Guide to Demonology

They have sooty black skin and a long bony body. Their head looks like a mix of a wolf and rat with long, silvery whiskers with the skin pulled so tight across their faces they look like a black skull. Their black lips pull back to expose rows of white, barbed teeth. Their eyes are golden with horizontal slits for pupils. Their eyes are taunting, laughing, daring you to go crazy and let them in. Drive your crazy and then they have you all to theirselves to play with, you become their little toy.

I fight it every day. I dont want them to win. Anyone please answer me. If anyone has seen anything like this or if they know someone that can help email me at [removed by webmaster].

Alex, you need to re-read this article. Contact any of the people mentioned: Zaffis, Haviland, etc. Note to all readers: Future comments like this will not be published.

This is a website about ghosts and ghost hunting, not demons or other issues. Her references to Zaffis, Haviland, et al, are the best we can do. Every few days, this website receives about attempts to log in, using a name related to the admin. Ultimately an evil entity is an evil entity. The problem more is in people with not much capacity for depth in spiritual things advising on spiritual matters.

Some are benign. Some are not. The phenomena described by those terms vary widely. Of course, whether ghosts and demons are real as defined, is another matter. There are times we need to help someone find a demonologist close to their own location. In this case, the first post with photos we came across were of this particular demonologist playing a poker game, in a strip bar, with a stripper dancing around a pole right in front of the collective card players.

Other posts also promoted sinful behaviour, which is akin to appeasing ones demons, hence is appeasing to demons. It was clear to us that this was not the right individual for the presented challenge. The same principle of character holds true with those who oppose the demonic. If a demonologist is truly needed, then the situation may very well require spiritual warfare. Spiritual grace is thus important. However, one denomination can help someone from another, as long as all parties are okay with this premise.

Technically, denomination is just a label created by man to define practices of worship. This is a rift God can easily traverse. Some write books or articles which can be referenced as well. A good demonologist should also be plenty able to provide general information on the states of a demonic haunting, as well as suggestions on how to improve the situation for the individual or environment.

Demonology Course

There is spiritual counselling involved in a demonologists work, so you want to find one who you are comfortable communicating with, because without that you are missing out on the full benefits of having a good demonologist on your side. A good demonologist should be able to give you plenty to work with. A shady demonologist should give you plenty to be weary of.

A decent demonologist would also want to rule out all other possibilities before assuming anyone is afflicted with demonic activity, so they will look at other things which might simulate such experiences. Know that this is standard. To top that off, someone who is fully possessed will almost never seek out a demonologist or holy person on their own accordance.

How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist
How to be a Demonologist How to be a Demonologist

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