Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)

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If I open a Twitter tab but regain my senses and close it again quickly, a pop-up informs me how many seconds I just saved compared to my usual time-wasting visit. When first installed, it prompts you to identify the sites you want to spend less time on. HabitLab will then keep track of your wasted seconds, minutes, and hours and display them in neat charts.

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One of them is the timer that now haunts me on Twitter, a nudge called the Supervisor. Ghostery is a fascinating way to see which services websites use to track and collect data about you. It creates a little icon with a number, showing you how many trackers every site uses. Wikipedia, for example, has 0. Most other sites have at least a few. Facebook thinks I like arachnids because my brother writes for a TV show called Scorpion.

It thinks I like Christmas Eve because Pearlstein , and it thinks I like flywheels because my late friend Eric Scott was in a band by that name.

I fly a lot. In the past year, I've taken roughly a dozen round trips, each with their own fun, idiosyncratic layovers and delays. I could read a good ol'-fashioned book. Or I could connect to plane Wi-Fi and incessantly check Twitter. Instead, what I prefer to do before leaving for the airport is save a bunch of stories to Pocket. This nifty extension allows you to stow away things you want to read later, no internet connection necessary though if you use the Pocket app on your phone, be sure to sync it over Wi-Fi or a network connection before going into Airplane mode.

Pocket also recommends stories, based on other users you follow or topics that interest you, and allows you to optimize your reading experience—I prefer a serif font with a black background and very large text to protect my fatigued eyes. But for someone who opens a million tabs with an intention to eventually read them all, it's my preferred way to dog-ear a story. Getting a password manager extension means getting a password manager, so definitely do that.

All the major managers—LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, KeePass—offer Chrome extensions, and they're crucial to making password managers easy to use. The browser extensions act as a quick control center to fill login forms, generate new passwords, and save new credentials into your manager. These extensions do carry some potential security risks , but if they're what get you on a password manager in the first place, they're worth it. You probably use Google Calendar every day—many, many times. Instead of letting it permanently squat on valuable tab real estate on your desktop, try the Google Calendar Chrome extension instead.

Tap it, and a box drops down, showing you all the meetings you have coming up. I like the design because it reminds me of the wonderful Google Cal widget on my Android home screen.

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For more display options—or to get crazy and log in to two Google Calendars at the same time—try the Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension. WIRED editor in chief Nicholas Thompson swears by Grammarly , an extension that checks your emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and other online missives for spelling and grammar mistakes. Features editor Mark Robinson recommends Reader View , which he describes as a "one-button, rather lo-fi instant Instapaper," stripping web articles down to the bare essentials. And while senior writer Andy Greenberg has not used it and likely never would, he did find an extension called Kardashian Krypt , which encrypts your messages in images of Kim Kardashian using a technique known as steganography.

Chrome extensions are a delight, but installing them from untrusted sources can lead to a world of hurt. The way Ghostery has evolved ad-blocking with—what else—artificial intelligence is worth a closer look.

In we took a in-depth look at the 'Department of Chromeland Security'—the Google engineers working overtime to secure the web. Want more news and reviews you can use? Sign up for the Gadget Lab newsletter.

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The only way to be truly secure on Facebook is to delete your account. But that's crazy talk! Here's how to lock down your privacy and security and bonus, keep targeted ads at bay. Ben Bours. Wayback Machine Have you ever clicked on an interesting link, only to be greeted by a Error? Related Video.

Chrome Extensions Browsers. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More gear. App Pack. Author: Arielle Pardes Arielle Pardes. Author: Adrienne So Adrienne So. Author: Lauren Goode Lauren Goode.

Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Sheet Music by Jethro Tull

Tech in Two. Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. In general, we love to welcome cyclists and their bicycles, but safety is important to us, so we do have some restrictions on where and when you can take your bike on our trains. Please be considerate of other passengers at all times, and ensure that you place your bike in the appropriate areas on the train.

Find out more about our cycle policy and schemes. They are good trains that we will make use of. However, an important part of delivering the improved efficiency and smooth running of the network relies on having a homogenous fleet so when we have brought in our new trains we expect to cascade the Class s out to other parts of the national network, and we are confident there is demand for them elsewhere.

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During the current Parliament that policy means no increase in regulated fares above the Retail Price Index. See how we calculate the refund value below. Refunds are calculated from the date you return the Season ticket. All train companies have agreed a Code of Practice for such meetings, which you can find on the National Rail website.

This applies only to tickets for the same journey as on your Season ticket.

Find out more about compensation and refunds. There is no refund on Advance tickets — this is part of the conditions for this type of ticket. Contact our Customer Service Centre. We have a dedicated Assisted Travel service to help — call 52 82 or book online. They can arrange a ramp, assistance navigating the station, or other help. We recommend you let us know 24 hours before you travel, as our trains and staff can get very busy. More about Assisted Travel. My Account.

Buy tickets. You are not signed in English. Home Help and support FAQs.

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Frequently asked questions Need some help? Categories Tickets and fares Stations and travel Refunds and compensation Disability and assisted travel. At what age do children have to pay adult fare? Children aged 5 to 15 pay half fare. Under 5s travel free.

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Adult fares apply from the age of What payment methods are accepted online? When buying tickets online you can pay using debit and credit cards. How can I buy a ticket using a Rail Travel Voucher? Can I get a VAT receipt for my tickets? Can I reserve a seat on South Western Railway trains?

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  • Can I buy a discounted ticket on the train? With GroupSave tickets can some of the group travel on different trains? If the machine is not working at the station, how can I collect my tickets? Where can I top up my Oyster card? Is travel on the London Underground included in the cost of my ticket? What should I do if my ticket is damaged? To avoid this: Store your Season ticket separately in the wallet provided Try to keep it away from mobile phones and other devices, and anything magnetic — handbag clasps, name badges and the like Do not laminate your Season ticket.

    Will I still receive the six free passes when I purchase my annual season ticket? Stations and travel. Can I break my journey? What is South Western Railway doing to make trains less crowded? Find out more about our plans. Can I use my e-cigarette on the train or station? No, the use of e-cigarettes or vaping is against the law anywhere on trains or stations. Can I take my bike on the train?

    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff) Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)
    Cheap Day Return (with Tab Staff)

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