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Hypothesis and Theory ARTICLE

The green curve, whose axis is on the right, showsthe mass distribution of stellar black hole entropies in the observable universe. The green curve, whose axis is on the right, shows the mass distributionof SMBH entropies in the observable universe. Whether or not the total black hole entropy is dominated by SMBHsdepends on the yet-unquantified number of intermediate mass black holes. The entropy in a comoving volume normalized to the present observable universe. This figure illustrates the time-dependenceof the scheme 1 entropy budget.

Our universe at home within a larger universe? So suggests wormhole research

Entropy of matter within the CEH, and the entropy of the cosmic event horizon. This figure illustrates the time dependence of the scheme 2 entropy budget. Wenote that there is only a weak correlation between uncertainties in the two volumes. Proper distance to the event horizon is shown as a function of time. The vertical gray line represents the present age of the universe and its width, the uncertainty in the present age.

As technology has evolved, astronomers are able to look back in time to the moments just after the Big Bang.

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This might seem to imply that the entire universe lies within our view. But the size of the universe depends on a number of things, including its shape and expansion.

Just how big is the universe? The truth is, scientists can't put a number on it. In , the European Space Agency's Planck space mission released the most accurate and detailed map ever map of the universe's oldest light.

A Larger Universe by James L. Gillaspy

The map revealed that the universe is Planck calculated the age by studying the cosmic microwave background. Because of the connection between distance and the speed of light , this means scientists can look at a region of space that lies Like a ship in the empty ocean, astronomers on Earth can turn their telescopes to peer The word "observable" is key; the sphere limits what scientists can see but not what is there. But though the sphere appears almost 28 billion light-years in diameter, it is far larger.

Scientists know that the universe is expanding.

Thus, while scientists might see a spot that lay If inflation occurred at a constant rate through the life of the universe, that same spot is 46 billion light-years away today, making the diameter of the observable universe a sphere around 92 billion light-years.

Centering a sphere on Earth's location in space might seem to put mankind in the center of the universe. However, like that same ship in the ocean, we cannot tell where we lie in the enormous span of the universe.

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  • Just because we cannot see land does not mean we are in the center of the ocean; just because we cannot see the edge of the universe does not mean we lie in the center of the universe. Scientists measure the size of the universe in a myriad of different ways. They can measure the waves from the early universe, known as baryonic acoustic oscillations, that fill the cosmic microwave background.

    They can also use standard candles, such as type 1A supernovae, to measure distances.

    A Larger Universe
    A Larger Universe
    A Larger Universe
    A Larger Universe
    A Larger Universe

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